March 3, 2012

Anime Review: Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

A silly romantic comedy anime for those who just want to laugh at the various stumbles and misunderstandings that the characters encounter. The relationship is formed by a secret that two high school students share and this is the story of how their lives dramatically changes. This anime review takes the sequel, Nogizaka Haruka no Hitmitsu: Purezza into account.

Nogizaka Haruka no HimitsuSynopsis:
The story centers around Yuuto Ayase and his classmate Haruka Nogizaka. While Yuuto is rather ordinary, Haruka is very attractive, intelligent and rich. Due to this, she is the school's most unattainable girl and is so idolized that her classmates give her the French nicknames "Nuit √Čtoile" (The Silver Star of the Night) and "Lumi√®re du Clavier" (The Shining Princess on the Piano). One day, when Yuuto goes to the school library to return a book, he stumbles across Haruka and her darkest secret—she is a diehard fan of anime, manga and the otaku culture. Yuuto promises to keep her secret hidden and the two become close friends. Yuuto does his best to help Haruka with her secret hobby while developing his relationship with her. 

Romcoms are everywhere in most anime you have watched and this anime is no exception. The main reason that this anime stands out is that its story is utterly fictitious and unrealisticly funny. The romance obviously can;t be taken seriously with everything that is happening to the characters. It can be viewed more as a sitcom with romantic elements thrown in. The main girl character is obviously clueless to her feelings which in turn leads to so many misunderstandings that this anime produces an unrealistic view on life and love. Although, the sequences of comedy were funny and the main story was interesting enough to keep me occupied.

The art was really well illustrated, especially the characters themselves. The settings and theme were appropriately transposed revealing the anime's main purpose and context to the audience. Nice use of bright colors and vivid textures were brought out from the various sceneries throughout the anime.

Voice acting was above average. The characters were appropriately voiced to suit the anime's theme. Theme songs were decent but not memorable at all. In the end, nothing much can be expected from the sound in this anime.

Characters of very different personalities are abundant throughout this anime. Focussing on the few main cast is already enough to keep you occupied to the end. The sense of different styles and personality clashes in this anime frequently.

Overall, it is one decent anime for a few laughs and to get 'excited' about. The romance is good and the characters are cute. What else can you ask for? In the end, only watch this anime if you are a romcom fan. If not, you are better off finding something else.

The story is pretty linear. Boy finds out girl is an otaku and tries to keep their secret whilst the girl pretends to be someone she's not.

ART: 6
Decent art with some nice scenes in it. The characters are all cute and innocent.

Lack of memorable soundtracks as expected from a slice of life type anime.

Quirky and funny characters are abundant in this anime.

Funny in many bits. A bit cliche at times but its expected.

Not bad for a romcom anime. There are some better ones out there that have a better storyline. One great alternative is definitely 'Kaichou wa Maid-sama!'.