March 1, 2012

Chromed Part 1: Introduction Google Chrome

Google Chrome has become one of the most used browser worldwide since its debut a few years ago. Back then only two real contenders were head-to-head with each other, that was Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Each had yearly releases and additional minor improvements incremented on each release. However, Google Chrome came in quick, at an incredible speed as well. Many updates were released in a year, outdoing Internet Explorer and Firefox in every way possible. This surprised both paries and they quickly adopted the Google technique - releasing a new version every couple of months. But it was too late, Google Chrome had quickly caught up and is now overtaking Mozilla Firefox in usage. I was one of the converted, from Firefox to Chrome.

But why is Google Chrome so great? Is it because it was a product from Google? Maybe. But I did have my reasons for a complete switch from Firefox to Chrome. You may find this list helpful in some way if you are too deciding to make the switch.

1) Speed
The first thing I noticed about Chrome was its incredible load-up time and web browsing speeds. I got too used to waiting for Firefox to slowly load-up and then get on with my business. The speed in which  Chrome started was suprising to me. I never knew a browser could start-up this fast! Even loading pages was faster than Firefox. Everything felt so smooth and finely tuned, as expected of a product by Google (and the Chromium team).

2) Simplicity
Comparing Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, I would have to make Chrome the winner. Why? Because Chrome was built with simplicity in mind. For the average user, they do not want to see many toolbars or tabs or even menus that they probably won't use at all. In Chrome, everything is hidden and all you can see are the standard buttons and the Omnibox. Oh how much I love the Omnibox with Instant enabled. I loved the feature in Chrome that enables you to conduct a Google Search right from the address bar! I got so used to it that I forgot that Firefox and Internet Explorer didn't have such functions, and in return, they gave me an "Address Not Found" page. Oh, and the abundant of themes available on Chrome makes this browser that much more fun to use.

3) Security
I always feared using Internet Explorer. It just somehow made me feel uneasy navigating the web on such an insecure browser. Don't take that personally. I admit that Internet Explorer is pretty safe, but what I am trying to express here is what I feel about it. Firefox was much better in protecting my privacy and computer from harm. However, Chrome has built in malware and phishing protection along with frequent updates as well as tab sandboxing completely blew my mind. Google Chrome is one secure browser. Trust me on that.

These are just some of the many features that you will come to love or continue loving ion Chrome. To quickly add to the list, Chrome also offers Extensions, Themes and Syncing of bookmarks and more. I hope my little ramble about Chrome will give you a little thought about choosing a browser to use. This  is only Part 1 of the Chromed series. Part 2 will feature my top extensions and Chrome apps that you must install!