January 26, 2012

Hello World

First things first. Say hi!

So anyhow...this is my new blog. And yes, it's empty...right now, but I will fill it with all sorts of interesting stuff about anything and everything...but mostly just Android, Vocaloid, anime, music and life in general. Mm...so for this first post I will just introduce myself and maybe talk a bit more about why I made this blog. Of course you can check out the 'About Me' page but that doesn't give much information. Hehe =D


Well I'm a guy. Simple as that. No questions. Why I started a blog? Because I was pretty bored and I had nothing else to do...games were getting boring (my PSP is collecting dust) and I had already spent a few hours watching anime non-stop. Which to me is pretty hardcore. I was also surfing the net pretty blandly, watching a bit of YouTube, then going on reddit, then xda-developers and so forth. So I said to myself...I need a blog. And ta-da! Here it is.

You may ask why I'm doing this. It's because I feel like it. Basically, the things that interest me the most make me want to shout out to the world! And that is why I'm gonna post stuff related to Android, Vocaloid, anime, music and other stuff which I can't think of right now here.

Oh! And feel free to post your comments below on any of my posts. Make sure you're friendly~! I don't want to have to delete your comment! =O That would be terrible.

So anyhow, this ends my first extremely long post for today(?). I still have to fix up the blog a bit. Create my own background wallpaper (cos I don't like using pre-made ones). So...I'll leave you to it. Have fun and feel free to share my blog to your friends! =D