December 11, 2012

What type of anime watcher are you?

With the announcement of Google+ communities many 'Anime' and 'Vocaloid' groups have been formed. Of course though, only the first ones get all the members and popularity and the number of new members grow dramatically day by day. I joined the 'Anime' community to check out what's happening in there and I can assure you that it is a healthy community growing rapidly.

As an avid anime watcher myself, I like to share my thoughts and experiences with other anime lovers. To start off getting to understand the community's type of anime watchers was a good way to start. So, I did a little post asking what type of anime watcher the community were; and here are the options:

A. Watches all anime regardless of genres, reviews and/or ratings
B. Watches only anime recommended by friends (or based on personal interest)
C. Just watches all/some anime that is only above a certain rating
D. Watches anime but frequently skips scenes just to watch the fan service
E. Doesn't watch anime at all (or sometimes only)

Surprisingly though, a majority of members in the group were of type 'A', whilst the rest of them were either 'B' or 'C' and combinations of both. Personally, I am a 'C' and I tend to watch whatever anime that is above a certain rating. I must admire though the amount of effort that the 'A' people put in to watch through anime that has low ratings and such.

So, what type of anime watcher are you?