December 13, 2012

What makes you enjoy anime?

I asked the Anime community on Google+ again yesterday with the question, "What makes you enjoy anime?" Here are the options that was laid out yesterday.

You enjoy watching anime because of it's...
A. Engaging storyline
B. Appealing characters
C. Enticing soundtrack
D. Highly detailed art
E. All of above

This time there were more responses than my last question and not surprisingly, most people chose E. Well obviously an anime must be top notch in all the requirements but that is usually not the case. If you had to pick what appeals to you in an anime, would you pick the anime's storyline? or art? and maybe even the characters. It really comes down to individual choices. For me, the anime I watch must have an engaging storyline for me to enjoy it fully.

What about you? What makes you enjoy anime?