December 5, 2012

Pokémon Gold in first-person 3D

A fan-made remake of Pokémon Gold and Silver puts you in the (first-person) driver's seat.

It seemed like a good idea. Having first-person perspective gameplay mashed with Pokémon would be pretty awesome indeed. And so here it is. Pokémon 3D. Just think of having battles in first-person as well as training up your Pokémon, encountering wild Pokemon as well as getting lost in bushes; it is all part of the experience.

Pokémon 3D is the work of Nils Drescher, aka, Nilllzz, who has painstakingly recreated the entire game in 3D, sticking as close to the original graphics as reasonably possible.

The result is massively authentic and impressive — and, judging by the reception, something that fans feel is overdue. Much like the PokéMMO, now that we think of it.

It is free to download from the IndieDB website. Note that you must have Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed for it to work properly.

Check out the trailer below!

[via CNET]