December 10, 2012

Overused anime models that frustrate us the most

Whether it's birds flying through the sky, extreme close-ups of eyes, characters running aimlessly in one direction, characters looking into the distance whilst wind blows through their hair, quick shots of characters turning heads, melancholic shots of people looking into the sky and hand-grabbing, all anime is basically started this way. Are we bored of it all?

Honestly though, if you are an avid anime watcher like me, you probably already seen most of the done-and-tried formulas that these anime uses. If gets tiring eventually and most likely you would be skipping those opening and endings of every anime you watch. A recent Biglobe Anime Ranking asked Japanese readers to rank which anime they are most tired of, and here are the results.

1. Harem anime
2. Imouto/little sister focused anime
3. Anime that have famous voice actors, beautiful visuals, but no substance
4. Anime based on erotic games
5. Bishonen anime where all the male characters are beautiful / reverse harem
6. (tie) Shonen Jump manga adaptations
6. (tie) Anime about non-athletic clubs
8. Anime about awkward adolescents with inflated egos/Chyuuni anime
9. Anime whose appeal rests on the size of its female cast's chests
10. Time loop anime
11. Slice of life anime
12. Gundam
13. School romance anime
14. Anime whose appeal is simply that its well animated or visually attractive
15. Yuri anime
16. Anime where the fate of the world depends on its hero
17. Anime that's mostly just interest in exploring the world in which its set
18. Giant robot or mecha in general
19. Anime by Hayao Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli in general
20. Easy going anime about mudane situation
21. Tragedic anime, focused on the protagonist dying
22. Dystopian anime
23. Military anime with casts full of girls

What do you think? I certainly agree to some extent that the list provides. Most ecchi anime are poorly done and only a few are actually quite good. Perhaps these anime merely aim for fan service rather than good storyline and character development. However, I would say that I never tire out of harem animes; they simply entertain me everytime I watch a new series. I would agree on good visuals and characters anime but no substance as one of the higher ranked options as well as giant robots or mecha in general (mostly Gundam).

[via Crunchyroll]