December 22, 2012

More titles comes to Valve's Winter Sale

Steam just likes to empty your wallets with sales every so often. Since STEAM does have a very easy to use ‘gifting’ feature, you can technically be holiday shopping for someone you know. If that’s the case then kudos for being thrifty and thoughtful as you browse some of the best games that came out this year.

Valve is currently offering dramatic discounts on games like ‘Dishonored’ for only $29.99 or ‘Hitman: Absolution’ for only $24.99. The sales are equally impressive across a wide array of PC and Mac games. Other tid-bits like DLC, collections and indie titles are marked down as well, creating the perfect virtual stocking-stuffers.

The sale changes day-by-day but has been getting better day-by-day as well. You will definitely want to keep checking back if you have a particular title that you are holding out for. Check out the sale here.