December 17, 2012

Do you consider yourself an otaku?

I asked the Anime community on Google+ if they consider themselves as an otaku. For those who do not know what an otaku is, it is basically a Japanese term to refer to people who are obsessed with anime, manga, or video games. Quite like the "geek" term used worldwide. The Japanese view it as a negative term, but Western society has adopted the term and changed it to suite their own needs.

B. Nah...not really
C. Half-half?
D. No way (but secretly is...)
E. What's an otaku?

The result? Most people chose A with only a couple of people choosing other options. The amount of responses wasn't enough to fully give an accurate result, but you can see that most people don't mind being identified as being "otaku".

So, do you consider yourself an otaku?