December 31, 2012

December 2012 Recap

Nothing majorly eventful really happened in the month of December apart from some celebrations and releases.

To start off, Android users got a sneak peek at the new SwiftKey Flow app that featured swiping the letters on the keyboard to make out words. This was on 2 December.

December 6 was the day Google announced some changes in its' Google Now app with the ability to post to Google+.

Those wanting to try Steam on Linux were pleasantly surprised at the opening of the Steam beta to more users. This was announced on the 8 December.

10 December featured a nice post about the anime storylines that frustrate us the most. It was quite interesting to see what the results were.

Google Maps was finally reunited with the iOS platform on the 13 December after a long absense due to Apple removing the app in place of it's own mapping system (which ultimately failed).

December 20 saw YouTube posting 2012's greatest YouTube videos ever on the video sharing website. The list saw PSY's "Gangnam Style" as the top video along with many other viral videos.

YouTube decided to do a compilation music video of all the top videos on YouTube of 2012 into one mash-up in "Rewind YouTube Style". It was quite a enjoyable video to watch. It was released on the 24 December.

That wraps up the summary of December 2012! It was a funny month with the 'end of the world' hype and such. What will the next year bring us?