December 19, 2012

Anime Review: Midori no Hibi

Midori no Hibi is an unusual story about a boy named Seiji Sawamura that wakes up one day to discover his right hand has turned into a girl! Weird as it sounds, the anime is still funny nonetheless.

Midori no HibiSynopsis:

High school delinquent Seiji Sawamura is desperate to have a girlfriend, especially after being rejected by 20 girls as of late. He's afraid that he will end his life with his right hand as his only companion. Apparently, that doesn't change when one day when he wakes up and discovers that his right hand has become a girl named Midori Kasugano, who confesses that she has had a crush on him for the last three years.


Most romantic comedy anime follow a standard storyline which usually involves your typical boy meets girl scenario with a whole load of complications thrown in. However, in Midori no Hibi this love story gets more awkward and weird as the story goes along. At first, you may exclaim "WTF!?", but as you watch, the story reveals itself to be quite interesting than anticipated. Of course, the story itself is quite unrealistic; that is, having a girl as your right-hand. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff. However, as you progress, the story isn't too bad after all, just takes time to get used to.

The art was relatively good and the environments were well illustrated. The characters were decent, but I thought they looked a bit too childish or immature for my taste. Anyhow, the animation was quite accurate and smooth. No complaints here.

The voice acting was pretty good, but not excellent. There were a few minor nuisances with character speech but in the end, you just have to deal with it. The theme songs were quite average and nothing special to remember.

The anime sole focuses on Seiji and Midori's everyday lives dealing with keeping the secret of his right-hand whilst performing everyday duties and protecting the weak. Seiji is viewed as a huge delinquent but inside, he is actually quite kind-hearted and caring. Most people misunderstand him, so he is pretty used to the abuse he gets. Midori on the other hand, is a quiet and shy girl but changes dramatically once she is Seiji's right hand. There are also other characters that involves themselves in the duos lies and it gets quite interesting.

Overall, it was a pretty average anime to enjoy. The comedy elements were pretty good and the story was unique to any other anime. It is just a bit silly come to think of it, to have a girl as your right hand. If you are open minded and don't mind silliness then Midori no Hibi will entertain you quite well.


ART: 7