December 24, 2012

Android augmented reality with the TARDIS

Chances are, you know a Doctor Who fan. Greg Kumparak, formerly of Tech Crunch is also a (pretty big) Doctor Who fan, and decided to get a little crafty and build his own TARDIS. As explained in the video above, a TARDIS is a vehicle to drive you through space and time, that just happens to look like a 1960s era British police call box.

One thing interesting about the TARDIS is that it is bigger on the inside than the outside. While that is easy enough to accomplish with the magic of television, it is impossible in the real world unless of course, you've got an Android. Using augmented reality, Greg can open the TARDIS door and point his Nexus camera at a zebra-like black and white pattern. Thanks to the Qualcomm augmented reality framework, Greg built an app to interpret that pattern, and display the interior of his TARDIS as it should be on his screen.

This just might be the best use of augmented reality ever. Be sure to watch the video, and hit the source link to read a little about how it was constructed.

[via Android Central]