November 16, 2012

Skype for Linux Adds Windows Live Login, Goes Multi-Arch

skype 4.1 running in Ubuntu
Microsoft have released an updated version of Skype for Linux. It brings new changes with a brand new login screen with support for Windows Live login.
skype 4.1 running in Ubuntu
This latter feature is useful for two reasons: firstly it means you no longer need to sign up for a dedicated Skype account, but secondly it allows you to chat to your Windows Live contacts from the app.

Microsoft are shutting down their Windows Live chat network early next year, so this option has a purpose: to get people using the ‘recommended alternative’ as soon as possible.
If you login with a Windows Live account you’ll be prompted to ‘merge’ it with your Skype account. A useful touch, but not vital.

You can download Skype for Linux here.