November 13, 2012

Otaku Life: Finals, anime, apps and more

Hey guys! It as been a while since I last posted about my life since I have been pretty busy with uni assignments and stuff. I finally found some time today to type up a quick summary of what's happening around me right now.

Well for one, I decided to upgrade the computers in my house. Also, my server died a couple of weeks ago and I found out that one of my RAM sticks died. So I had them replaced with some nice high quality RAM totaling 8GB. Of course this is more than enough for just a server running Minecraft but the shop had no more 4GB RAM kits in stock and so there you have it. I also upgraded my laptop's HDD into a SSD! 256GB of high-speed glory. Nothing is faster than SSD storage! Now my laptop is fully pimped out with this new SSD.

Final semester of uni

That's right! I am in my final semester of uni and currently in my final exams ever! I decided not to continue on studying because I have had enough of study. Although I hope that I will get a job at the end of the year. For now, I am pretty relaxed since I only have one more exam to go, and it is only multiple choice! Fun! Fun!

Anime watching still ongoing

I haven't stopped watching anime. Right now, my backlog has diminished a lot and I am in progress of finding more new (or old) and exciting anime to watch! That said, I just recently finished watching Bakuman. and I thought it was pretty entertaining. You can read my review here. So what's next? Well, I have a couple of anime movies to watch: Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 1st. Oh, pumpkin_so77 also posted recently about that new Steins;Gate movie to be released soon. I can't wait for that!

Making an Android app

With all this free time now, I decided to put my time to good use and learn some Android app programming. Well, if I can commit that is. Right now I am pretty busy and such so perhaps I should find some motivation to start programming once my holidays start. I am thinking of creating a simple app for MBT that displays posts from the website as well as integrating a chat function and image gallery. More information to come once I decide to start the project.

Final thoughts

Well, that ends another ramble by me. Not much has happened since my last post. What to expect in the future? For me, getting a job and creating an Android app are my current goals. As for watching anime, I do have a huge "Future" backlog of anime that have not been aired yet (or currently airing) so I will have to wait a while once they have completely aired before I watch them. Oh, and also I have started playing Pokemon White 2 on the Nintendo 3DS. Funny huh? I also bought Theatrhythm Final Fantasy as well. THose are pretty fun games and I would highly recommend them.

That's it for now.
MegaBubbletea out.