November 30, 2012

November 2012 Recap

It was a pretty quiet month of November this year. However, there were a few updates that may have sparked our interest.

November 6 marked the day when Microsoft announced that it would be dropping Windows Live Messenger in favor of Skype. Whether this will actually happen anytime soon is unknown.

It was the day all Linux gamers were waiting for. The day that Steam for Linux was released to a limited close beta group on the 7 November. Many gamers were rejoicing.

21 November was the day when Linux Mint 14 was released. It was the latest and greatest version of Linux Mint yet!

Because of high demand, Steam opened up it's Steam for Linux beta platform to 5000 more gamers on the 22 November. More games for Linux were released, and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

The 24 November was a special occasion for us of My Bubbletea Time. The website managed to get over 20,000 hits! Thank you to everyone for their continued support.

The YouTube music video hit, 'Gangnam Style' continued to rack up views to become the most watched YouTube video ever. This was on the 25 November.

And so that wraps up another month in the world of technology.