November 6, 2012

Microsoft Is Killing Off Windows Live Messenger For Skype

It seems like Microsoft is trying to kill off its Windows Live Messenger client in favor of Skype as its main communications platform. The plan according to The Verge's report, is that the back end of Messenger will be moved over to the Skype client. So you still use your Messenger account and contacts — just in Skype. That move has been happening for a while, and apparently 80 per cent of Skype IMs are already through the Messenger protocol. Skype is a better alternative for a lot of people than WLM, and consolidating the number of clients under Microsoft’s roof is a good thing.

I think that this move would be the best for Microsoft. I remember back then when MSN Messenger was all the rage and Facebook didn't even exist back then. Now though, I rarely hear anyone use the words "MSN" or even "Messenger" anymore. Facebook has surely taken over the instant communications platform for social networking. Skype continues to be the best voice communications platform out there so it would be an excellent to incorporate the two service into one.

[via Gizmodo]