November 4, 2012

Good Smile Company Reveals Weird Nendoroid "Miku Dayo"

After three months since introducing the prototype at Wonder Festival in August, Good Smile Company's Mika-tan blog finally revealed the finished model of Nendoroid Miku Dayo. Miku Dayo is originally the name of the human-sized character suit of Hatsune Miku modeled after the first Nendoroid Miku. The fans often affectionately called her "Dayo-san." Mika-tan's quick summary is;

(1) Sega made the ‘Project mirai’ game, featuring Nendoroid Vocaloids!

(2) A life-size Nendoroid Miku costume was made to promote the game!

(3) Everyone felt the costume didn’t quite feel like the real Miku!

(4) The costume Miku became her own character, Miku Dayo!

(5) Miku Dayo is made into a Nendoroid, completing the cycle!

Got it? The pre-order for the Miku Dayo Nendoroid will be opened soon.

Miku Dayo and the original Nendoroid Miku

Real Miku Dayo-san at an event

Parody of Family Mart's Hatsune Miku campaign CMs featuring Miku Dayo