November 29, 2012

Anime Review: Bakuman. 2

The story of manga creation continues with Bakuman. 2. It never fails to entertain and inform the audience the happy and sad moments of manga creation and how it affects our very lives.

Bakuman. 2Synopsis:

After the decision to serialize Moritaka and Akito has been made, they are introduced to Miura, their new manager. At first, the two thought it was a joke, but Hattori gives them a pep talk before leaving. While Miura doesn't seem like a bad person, he is given to rudeness and seems to be worried about the duo's future. In addition, the duo are given three assistants to work on their manuscript, and with the assistance of Ogawa, an experienced assistant, their work progresses well. 

At the start of the new year, Moritaka and Akito both attend Shonen Jack's New Year Party. There, they meet Hiramaru Kazuya, said to be a genius of a whole different level from Eiji.


After watching this anime, you feel give slightly more respect to the hardworking people that draw manga because they love it. Not only that, the anime itself gives us a realistic view into the preparation, commitment, revision and refinement of manga by hardworking enthusiasts that want to get there work out there for our enjoyment. That said, Bakuman. 2 continues the excellent story from before and gives us more insight into the progress from amateur to professional manga artists. The story here adds more complications and twists with the introduction of a new manager, Miura. Although relatively new to the editing office and with some experience in handling manga projects, Miura tries his hardest into helping the duo with their serialization. And so, as the series progresses, many failures, emotional moments, complications and resolutions are made. There are also new rivals to compete with so it is one eventful year for Moritaka and Akito.

The art was once again really well done and high quality. The art was quite good throughout each episode. The anime’s art shows a great amount of detail yet still maintaining that slice of life environment in the anime. Something which intrigued me the most, in terms of the art, was the displaying of the stories each manga artist made. By animating the storyline and having a narrator explaining the information in the manga, improved the anime. The character themselves were well illustrated and fluidly animated.

The voice acting was perfect for the characters. I felt that the character's representations through their vocal expressions suited them perfectly and portrayed their attitudes and personalities nicely. The theme songs also suited the anime really well and brought excitement to each episode. I did not find anything annoying throughout the anime series regarding the soundtrack. It was just well presented.

The series continues to uncover more about Moritaka and Akito. However, it felt like Miho has been left out of the spotlight. Although Miho does have a few moments in which her relationship with Moritaka progresses but other than that, she felt too much of a side character here. Of course, this doesn't really matter as the story is totally focused about the failures and accomplishments of the manga artist duo. Other than that, we see more interaction between them and other manga artists such as Eiji, Kazuya, and plenty of other characters.

In the end, it was very well done and entertaining to say the very least. The story was well presented and kept me engaged the whole way through. The art and sound quality was excellent and I had no issues at all. If you watched the prequel, then you definitely must watch Bakuman. 2. The final series of the trilogy, Bakuman. 3 is currently airing so for those who have finished 1 and 2, it is time to see what will happen in 3.


ART: 8