October 19, 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 released, Ubuntu 13.04 named

Canonical have announced the release of Ubuntu 12.10 today, the latest version of their popular Linux operating system, with the slogan "Avoid The Pain of Windows 8."

The release follows 6 long months of development, and introduces many new features to the desktop.

Check out this link for the full list of new features in this release.

The download links can be found on the official site for the various editions of Ubuntu 12.10.

Ubuntu 13.04 Named

With the release of Ubuntu 12.10 comes the codename given to the next release of the operating system.

Well, it isn't exactly 'Raving Rabbits', but rather 13.04 is 'Raring Ringtail' according to Mark Shuttleworth. Why is that? Mark explains:
“[In the next six months] we want to have the phone, tablet and TV all lined up. So I think it’s time to look at the core of Ubuntu and review it through a mobile lens: let’s measure our core platform by mobile metrics, things like battery life, number of running processes, memory footprint, and polish the rough edges that we find when we do that.
The tighter we can get the core, the better we will do on laptops and the cloud, too.”
There you have it. Raring means 'full of enthusiasm or eagerness', so what to expect in the next release?

[via OMG! Ubuntu!]