October 26, 2012

SwiftKey Flow announced, gives real competition to Swype

swiftkey flow
When Swype was first released, it took the world by storm. It became so popular so quickly that it remains the only non OEM and non stock Android keyboard to come by default in smart phones. With this latest announcement, the well known third party keyboard SwiftKey may start stomping around Swype’s turf soon with their newest keyboard, SwiftKey Flow.

For those who aren’t familiar, SwiftKey is among the most popular third party keyboards in all of Android. It stakes its claim as having the best text prediction along with easy to adjust settings and some awesome themes. Apparently, they’re taking the next step forward with SwiftKey Flow. It has all the elements of classic SwiftKey, but with the ability to swipe words.

Aside from Swiftkey Flow having all the capabilities of the normal SwiftKey keyboard plus the new swipe feature, it’s also quite aesthetically pleasing. The stock swipe trail is pink that gradually gradients into blue and we assume that’ll be changeable when you switch themes.