October 10, 2012

SuG to withdraw from PS Company and go on hiatus in December

Visual kei band SuG will be going on hiatus after their one-man live on December 29th. The band will also be removed from their agency PS COMPANY.

Through his official blog, Takeru (Vo) explained, “The reason is very simple. To continue our activities in this situation, we will be betraying everyone who has been involved with us as well as our history. ‘We are here now because we aren’t ashamed of the past’, we feel that’s the only way for us to shine. In order for us to challenge ourselves to things that we feel is cool from the bottom of our hearts, we decided to halt our activities.”

Regarding their withdrawal from PS COMPANY, he revealed, “It’s not that we had a disagreement, neither were we dismissed. I just feel that our directions started to shift little by little. If we hadn’t met PS COMPANY, we wouldn’t be here now. That is why we decided not to avoid this vague relationship, and faced the result of withdrawal.”

SuG will kick off their nationwide tour, ‘SuG TOUR 2012: sweeToxic‘, on October 10th. They will go into hiatus after their one-man live, ‘SuG Oneman Show 2012: This is O‘, on December 29th at Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Source: natalietokyohive