October 11, 2012

SPYAIR’s ENZEL☆ to leave the band

It’s been revealed that SPYAIR’s ENZEL☆ (DJ) will be leaving the band after their Nippon Budokan concert on December 18th.

ENZEL☆’s withdrawal was decided after a number of discussions with the members. He explained, “Leaving everything up to the members, when I seriously thought about my future, I came to a conclusion that it would be difficult for me to continue as a member of the band.”

Meanwhile, the members also commented, “We respect ENZEL☆’s decision, and we want to see him off in the best way possible. This is why we chose Nippon Budokan, our biggest challenge thus far, as the last stage for the 5-member SPYAIR.”

SPYAIR formed back in 2005 in Aichi, and made their major debut with the single, “LAIR“, in August of 2010. ENZEL☆ joined the band in 2009, and is known among fans as the mood-maker.

Source & Image: natalietokyohive