October 2, 2012

Otaku Life: Back to uni, anime, more themes, reflections

It's been a month since I last posted about my not so personal life on the blog. Well, we all do now that I enjoy watching anime and listening to Vocaloid music; it's no secret. Anyhow, it's nearing the end of the year and things are starting to get hectic.

Back to uni

I just finished my well earned one week mid-semester holiday and now I am back to uni. I felt that my holiday just went by too fast! I don't think I managed to get most of my assignment done since I have been pretty lazy during the holiday (as expected from anybody that studies at university). It is Week 10 now back at uni and the last week for classes is Week 13. So we have about a month left of study until our final exams. On that note, this is my last year of uni...which means I should really study hard for the finals. =="

Still watching anime

You can never be too old to watch anime. That is what I think. Well I am not that old and I don't mind people knowing that I still watch anime. The life of an otaku never changes. I recently finished a few awesome animes such as Accel World and Saki and now I am currently watching Kannagi. It is quite an interesting and humorous anime to watch. I will type up a review later on once I have finished watching the series!

More themes to come

My Black Rock Shooter chrome theme has become quite popular after half a year since I published it to the Chrome Web Store. Right now it has a little over 800 regular users! I am pretty impressed at this figure as it is my very first theme to become popular among Chrome users. With that in mind, I am still continuing creating awesome Chrome themes for users to enjoy! My next project will probably be another Miku theme. I felt the ones that are available on the Chrome Web Store wasn't to my liking. Anyhow, keep an eye out for any themes I create in the future!


It's the middle of spring now in Australia and the weather has been unpredictable so far. Some days it would be hot and humid and others will be cloudy and chilly. Well, I don't really mind as this is just all part of the changing season.

Recently, I really want to make some anime music videos (AMVs), but I lack some time and resources to do so. I have got it all perfectly visualized in my mind, but I can't seem to 'put it down on paper', so to speak. Anyhow, perhaps I will try and create one at the end of the year.

Well, this ends my ramble for today. Nothing special really has happened so far and I hope everything goes smooth to the end of my studies! Ganbatte!

MegaBubbletea out.