October 26, 2012

Microsoft launches Windows 8 in Australia

Microsoft launches Windows 8, Surface
After months of previews, reviews, analysis and much hand-wringing from Microsoft, the next-generation of Redmond’s flagship operating system — Windows 8 — finally launched to the public. Here’s how the whole affair went down.

Around 50 people crowded around a stage in Sydney last night for the midnight launch of Windows 8. Balloons and colourful streamers decked the Harvey Norman concept store as Gerry Harvey, flanked by Harvey Norman’s head of computing Ben McIntosh, spoke about the upcoming first sale of Windows 8.

Customers who were there to buy had filled out forms and went into a raffle to win the prize of being the first person in Australia to buy a copy of Windows 8, and a sweet prize: a Toshiba ultrabook worth around $1700.

[via Gizmodo]