October 31, 2012

Anime Review: Ouran Koukou Host Club

Let me tell you this: if you do not like (or can't handle) mushy love, reverse harems, bishies and the such; don't bother with this anime. Seriously though. Aside from that, the story is actually quite good and there were plenty of hilarious moments to entertain yourself with.

Ouran Koukou Host ClubSynopsis:

Fujioka Haruhi won a scholarship to attend Ouran Academy, a school reserved for the rich and prestigious. Despite what other students may think of her, Haruhi cares little for physical appearances or the fact that she is a commoner. Unfortunately for Haruhi, her high school days took a turn when she stumbled upon the Host Club, an elite club for the super rich and beautiful boys who use their specific traits and charms to entertain young ladies. Even worse was that Haruhi had accidentally broken an 8 million yen vase in the club. Unable to repay her debt with money, Haruhi found herself with no choice but to work for the Host Club, becoming a male host herself.


I finally got around to watch this anime. Seriously though, it took me a lot of courage and boredom to actually start this anime. Why? Well I knew it was going to be funny, but the thought of sappy love along with  bishies that spout out cliche statements isn't really my piece of cake. So, after finishing off most of my anime backlog, I decided to give Ouran Koukou Host Club a shot. I must say after watching the series; it was actually quite good. Honestly though, the anime is saturated with roses, sparkly effects and overly cliche dialogue. That though, doesn't really out you off the anime completely, but does disturb your mind a bit. Well, enough talk about the overall presentation, now on to the story! The story is basically about a girl named Fujioka Haruhi which won a scholarship to a prestigious high school for rich kids. Being a commoner, she strives to stay a low profile in the school which results in her stumbling across the Host Club; and elite club for the super rich and beautiful boys who use specific traits and charms to entertain young ladies. How did she end up being in that club? She broke 8 million yen vase to be exact and now to repay her debt she has to work in the club. Thus begins the colorful and eventful life of Haruhi (dressed as a boy) and her Host  Club friends. The anime is 26 episodes long and you start to wonder how the anime will keep you entertained for that long despite being all mushy? Well it does, in fact, it throws in some plot twists, your typical beach and school trip episodes, and family rivalry. The anime does well to entertain and captivate your attention.

The art was quite good for the anime. Even though I watched it in standard definition, the quality of artwork and the presentation of dreamy moments were simply spectacular. The characters obviously looked unrealistic, but skewered to being extremely cliche attractive and appealing. I must say that the anime does use a lot of roses and sparkly effects so be wary of that. Though, if you are a guy and someone walked past whilst you were watching this, it would be pretty awkward indeed (since this anime is really aimed at the shoujo audience). However some scenes had a solid blue color for the sky which looked a bit unrealistic.

The voice acting was quite good for some characters whilst others had some minor annoyances (such as Renge's obnoxious laugh). The theme songs were somewhat catchy and suited the anime pretty well. The sound effects were appropriate and were pretty standard.

I didn't mind Haruhi dressed up as a guy and doing what Host Club members do, and she is pretty down-to-earth and smart. Really though, I didn't really find any of the characters that memorable or appealing to me. Let me explain why: Tamaki is a huge idiot and pretty dense when it comes to love, the Hitachiin twins just gross me out, Mitsukuni is just a lolita boy which slightly annoys me, Kyouka is just a money freak. None of the characters in this anime are actually "normal", so you will have to deal with a lot of clashing personalities. Though, I didn't really mind the type of characters that were presented in the anime but I'm sure they appeal a lot to girls. (Not to mention the constant 'XD' and squeals from girls in every scene)

Overall, I must say that I enjoyed the comedy part of this anime. I didn't really care about the characters that much nor the club itself. However, just watching the characters get all embarrassed and extremely awkward in some situations is quite entertaining. In the end, this is definitely suited for the shoujo audience and not really for guys to watch (unless you can handle all those 'cute' stuff).


ART: 7