September 30, 2012

September 2012 Recap

September has been a productive month for me. Nevermind that, time to recap on what happened this month!

Firstly, September 6th marked the day when Google proudly proclaimed the number of Android activations per day has reached an all time high of 1.3 million devices. Android will continue to grow from here on.

That said, Google has annouced on September 12 that the number of Android devices has reached over 500 million on total!

More an Android, we heard to recent news of Apple winning against Samsung in court, but that did not deter Samsung from launching it's own campaign back at Apple with it's latest anti-Apple ad on 16 September.

19 September was the day that the Humble Indie Bundle 6 was released and it contained plenty of awesome addictive games for whatever price you wished to pay. Many people donated large sums of money to help support the indie developers.

Who can forget what happened on September 23rd? The extremely popular viral music video "Gangnam Style" reached a new milestone with it being the most liked video on YouTube. Since its beginning, the song has literally been played everywhere.

24 September saw the announcement of an official Hatsune Miku game for iOS and Android platforms by SEGA. We eagerly anticipate when the game will be released!

27 September was the date when Ubuntu 13.04 release dates were announced. A day later on 28th September, Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 was released to public.

That pretty much wraps up this month's recap.