September 16, 2012

Samsung's New Anti-iPhone Ad: It doesn't take a genius.

Well, if have been following the tech news recently, you would have heard about Samsung's big loss against Apple in court. Apple's newest product, the iPhone 5, sold out its preorders in a matter of hours. So what will Samsung do now? Sit back and watch as Apple rampages in the smartphone market? Of course not! Samsung attacks back!

In the US, Samsung has created a pretty aggressive ad comparing Apple's iPhone 5 to Samsung's own Galaxy S III. If you know your phones well, you can guess pretty much who will win this battle. The comparisons are pretty fair - the Samsung Galaxy S III does have NFC whilst the iPhone 5 does not. This is the same for the removable battery and microSD storage.

With a clever tagline "It doesn't take a genius.", the ad is due to roll out in a bunch of newspapers tomorrow, where it will reach many people who still reads printed newspapers.
[via Gizmodo]