September 1, 2012

Otaku Life: Website updates, Android ramblings, anime and more

So, what's happening to my life recently? In short: nothing much. I've decided to stop 'My LUL' series and instead, turn it into more of a themed post. Hence, I would like to introduce 'Otaku Life' where I ramble on about my thoughts on particular events happening in the month and little about my life. Treat this as like a little newsletter more than a personal post.

Website updated yet again

Well, last month saw the blog hit over 10,000 hits. That was a great milestone for the team. After 8 months, we have already achieved this many visits was surprising for me indeed. Perhaps, within the next 8 months we will see the site hit 20,000 hits. That would be good. As a celebration, I decided to redo the website layout a bit to make it more clean and simple. I've removed the distracting blue background and replaced it with a solid pale blue wallpaper. Also, you may have noticed that the website's layout has dramatically changed from two sidebars to one. Also, the heading also has changed to a more structured style. I hope you like the changes! Feel free to leave any comments using the 'Feedback' form!

My HTC One X

Recently, I bought a HTC One X and played around with it. I must say though, it is one powerful and super fast phone! Packed with a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, it is on par with Samsung's Galaxy S3. The two phones are pretty much the same spec-wise although there are a few minor differences. I am loving the responsive 4.7" touchscreen and the high quality 3D games! I prefer the HTC One X over the Samsung Galaxy S3 just because I like HTC Sense. It's clean, fast, and just does what I need. Also, there are no useless widgets that Samsung likes to put on it's devices. In the end though, it really depends which style you prefer.

Apple wins against Samsung

All tech geeks would have heard the news already. It's been spreading like wildfire. It is pretty sad that Samsung lost the case. I mean, $1 billion in damages is pretty far-fetched. I haven't been following the case that much, but I still think that a majority of people would be able to tell a Samsung Galaxy S2 and a iPhone 4S apart; although a Galaxy Tab and iPad would be a totally different matter. It is pretty hilarious that Apple is suing Samsung even though Samsung makes the hardware for the iProducts. Anyhow, this crazy mess will probably not die down for a while. You got to feel sorry for Samsung though. That said, here is a pretty amusing picture I found on Google+ that expresses the irony of the case.

Back to reality with uni

So what have I been up to recently? Nothing much although I have been pretty busy at uni with multiple group projects going on at the same time. I find group projects quite annoying but pleasing at the same time. What is annoying is the time management, organisation of group meetings, keeping track of group progress and constant communication between group members. Apart from that, getting the work done is no problem at all. If you have experienced working in a team before, you might understand what kind of situation I am in. From all the units I am studying this semester, Business Process Modelling is the unit I am most worried about. Basically, the unit teaches about drawing diagrams for drafting processes in a business. Well, I find it quite boring and too theoretical. I'm more of a hand-on, programming type person so business isn't really my string point. Why did I choose BPM? Well I had no other choice, all the other units were either unavailable in Semester 2 or full.

My anime life on cruise mode

Well, with me being busy with everything, I still have some time left to watch anime. Right now I am watching Asobi ni Iku Yo! which is a sci-fi comedy harem anime. I'll get the review in soon after I finished it. So far, everything is going well although my speed watching has died down a bit due to other important work to do as well as playing LoL again. I can safely say that my anime watching is on slow cruise mode; slow and steady.

The weather is fine

Ah! It's the first day of Spring here in Australia. The weather is looking fine and the sun is shining really brightly. I can hear the birds chirp and breeze gently blowing in through my room's window. It is slowly warming up and everything is slowly coming to life once again for another year. Which reminds me though, Japan is probably in Autumn now, slowly getting cooler as each day goes past. I wonder how the guys up there handle the weather with Winter being in December. It makes sense I guess, as traditionally December is viewed as being cold for Christmas. So basically we are the weird ones down here. ヽ(´□`。)ノ

Chrome themes and wallpapers to come

I have been back into creating Google Chrome themes after a few months break back in February. I will be continuing to make more Chrome themes whenever I have free time so keep a look out for any news ones I create. Also, I will be posting more 'Featured Wallpapers' regularly on the blog. Feel free to send me any wallpapers you think would be nice to share with everybody!

The end and the future

So this pretty much wraps up my life as an otaku for today. What else is coming up? Right now all I can think of is more stress at uni. Other than that, I have still got a huge backlog of anime to slowly go through and more Chrome themes to make. Oh, and I can't wait for the new series of Doctor Who tomorrow!

Signing out,
MegaBubbletea =^.^=