August 16, 2012

SwiftKey 3 update includes new themes, languages and more

SeiftKey, one of the best Android replacement keyboards has released another update for us today. ne of the most notable changes is the inclusion of two new visual styles, Sky (blue) and Fuchsia (pink), which the SwiftKey team is calling summer themes.

In addition to these visual changes, they have also added the ability to long press the comma key in order to launch dictation, for those who like to tap and talk. This update will also include support for Malay and Urdu, bringing the language count up to 44, which is pretty huge. Beyond these changes they have fixed a slew of bugs, made the experience better while using SwiftKey in Chrome, Google Talk, and many other applications.

If you haven't got SwiftKey, you should do it now! For everyone else, update it right now in the Play Store.