August 10, 2012

Google's latest Olympics 2012 doodle: Soccer

This is the 4th animated doodle from Google. Soccer Google doodle. Here is the Google doodle for today's Olympics event which is soccer. It is amazing. Actually soccer is same as football. Football is the official name for soccer. The name soccer is derived from some western country. However, there is no difference between the two games. And today Google has updated the name as soccer doodle.

Use the right and left side keys to navigate the goal keeper towards the right and left respectively which will also help you to stop the ball from entering the goal post. Use the space bar to jump when the ball is kicked higher. There is no time limit for this game. But you will get a maximum of 3 chances. If you let the opposite player to make 3 goals then the game will end. Play and try to make the maximum points.

You can play it right now at: