August 31, 2012

August 2012 Recap

Another month has ended quickly and over half the year has passed. So let's recap on what happened in the month of August.

2 August saw Temple Run hit the 100 million downloads mark after just a year of release.

Another milestone to take note of was Google Chrome's popularity rising to the top of the browser market share on August 7.

For all those Linux users that use Ubuntu Tweak, the software was updated to support Ubuntu 12.10. THis happened on 13 August.

15 August was an important date for My Bubbletea Time! We finally hit 10,000 hits to the website! Thank you for all your support!

Another important date was 16 August where the Humble Bundle for Android 3 was available for purchase! Although it didn't reach a world record, it was still widely popular.

21 August gave us a surprise that we never suspected. The announcement of a mysterious website and the hints of a The World Ends With You sequel. However, the game that was announced was the a sequel but rather an iOS remake, which left many fans disappointed.

Another announcement was made on 24 August in which Microsoft unveiled it's new logo for the company. There were mixed reactions to the new logo with many disapproving of it.

25 August was a devastating day where Apple managed to win its patent lawsuit case against Samsung. This brought much criticism and rage among Android fans and smartphone users worldwide.

So that pretty much covers August of 2012! It seems like there were plenty of eventful days from product announcements to terrible lawsuits. What will September bring?