August 30, 2012

Anime Review: Mayo Chiki!

Why is anime called Mayo Chiki!? I have no idea. I also have no idea why this anime has such a silly, silly, story with it. Along with the wide range of quirky and imaginative characters, this anime will surely entertain the otaku within you.

Mayo Chiki!Synopsis:

When you've got acute gynophobia, even a pretty girl can be a malady, and as the sparring partner for his family of female wrestlers, Sakamachi Kinjiro has the worst case EVER! Just one touch makes his nose bleed, so school's a bloody nightmare even before Kanade, the Principal's twisted daughter, deduces both Kinjiro's "feminine issue" AND that his name contains the sounds "Chi" and "Kin" back to back. But Chi-Kin's female troubles don't totally redline until a wrong turn in the men's room exposes the secret Subaru, Kanade's manservant, has been hiding in the water closet. (Well, to be fair, we should say Womanservant.) And if Subaru's cross reactions concerning her cross-dressing aren't enough of a drag, Kinjiro's girl problems also include a haunted martial artist (with ghosts); a cat-eared fetishist (meow!); AND his own sister, whose interest in "wrestling" a certain incorrectly packaged butler may result in an unexpected ending! And that's JUST the set up!


So what happens if you combine all anime fetishes into one? You get Mayo Chiki! of course. Whether you are a nosebleed, BL, ecchi, nekomimi, cross-dressing, megane, and/or imouto complex fan; it's all here! If you are not a total otaku, then you may not enjoy this anime as much as a real one would. Of course though, the story somehow makes sense and doesn't break apart completely with so many things happening at once. To start things off, we have a not-so-average guy called Sakamachi Kinjiro, which seems to like being tossed around by others and also has a nosebleed problem in which if a girl touches him he will instantly start to bleed. Right about now, you will probably be thinking "WTF", or in other cases "this is awesome!". You probably can guess how his life is going to turn out with the introduction of Kanade and Subaru after he accidentally discovers her secret. If you are not already interested in the story, you have no sense of humour. In the end though, the anime is actually not completely ecchi (most is all imaginative to the viewer) but rather more of a comedy romance with a slight twist. Of course though, it's totally clean with very little suggestive sections. There are also a few external anime references here and there for you to pick out if you watch closely. Other than that, the story was funny, silly, and completely unrealistic.

The art was quite well illustrated and very well animated. The characters all looked great and quite unique with their various personalities and attitudes. Continuing from the list before, you will love the characters for their cuteness, tsundere personalties, and moe attire. The backgrounds and sceneries were all wonderful and beautifully drawn. It art style portrayed a lively and energetic atmosphere which suited the anime really well.

The voice acting was just perfect for all of the characters. I noticed some famous voice actors in the anime which was both surprising and pleasant at the same time. Theme songs were pretty catchy if you are into happy pop tunes and there was some nice background music to keep you occupied throughout the series. The character's voices were full of emotion and expression which really made their respective characters stand out and really made the anime lively and enjoyable to watch.

Mayo Chiki! presents a wide range of characters from your typical tsundere to your sadistic girl. You will definitely find a favourite character in this totally quirky anime. Kinjiro is always in some sort of unfortunately awkward  or embarrassing situation which makes you feel some pity for him. He is always being bullied by his younger sister, Kureha, which thinks it's just a game. And there's Subaru, the cross-dressing girl that pretends to be a boy as so that she can be Kanade's butler due to some family circumstances. Along with them are a few more weird and wonderful characters that will bring a smile to your face.

Overall, although this anime got mixed reviews, I quite enjoyed the hilarious moments, the awkward situations, the cliché climaxes and the unrealistic events that happen to the characters. I must say though, this anime is definitely recommend only for heavy otaku and people who have a big sense of humour.

So it's not really a extremely exciting story to follow, but the comedy and awkward moments make up for the enjoyment.

ART: 9
Simply wonderfully illustrated and animated. Characters all looked alive and full of expression.

Voice acting was really well done and theme songs were catchy.

These characters are definitely exaggerated, unrealistic and just fictitious; which made this anime even more funny to watch.

Really depends if you are an otaku or not. Some pretty heavy otaku themes here so if you are new to anime, you might not understand what is happening.

I found it funny, comical, and just entertaining. Of course though, I like tsundere characters and so I automatically enjoyed watching the series.