August 19, 2012

MeMuMo: Love is War

This is the first post of many of my new '3M' series. Officially, it is actually called "MegaBubbletea's Music Moment" but that is kinda too long to include in the title, so I've shortened it to '3M'. Enjoy the music and if you have any comments leave them below!
EDIT: '3M' sounds too boring. So 'MeMuMo' it is!

Title: Love is War (恋は戦争)
Artist: Ryo (supercell)
Year: 2009
Comments: This is probably the first Vocaloid song I have heard in my life. I was instantly in love with the song and with the unique and intriguing mechanical sounds that Vocaloids make. It took some time to get used to, but now I'm an avid fan of Vocaloid!