July 16, 2012

Try the Jelly Bean Keyboard on your ICS

Want to try out Jelly Bean's stock keyboard on your Ice Cream Sandwich device? No problem at all. While sharing the same appearance with it's predecessor, the Jelly Bean Keyboard prediction engine has been improved and certainly excels over the ICS one.

Thanks to a developer going by the handle of Beansoft, this new prediction filled keyboard has now been ported for use on ICS devices running 4.0.3 and above. Simply known as Jelly Bean Keyboard, the early alpha build is out there in the Google Play Store now. As this is an early build, plenty of bugs are likely, but for the most part some users seem to be enjoying reasonable success. 

Currently known limitations surround languages, in that full next word prediction and auto correction is only currently supported for English. Additionally, only English, German, French, Spanish, Portugese (Brazil) and Russian is supported at this time. The user dictionary also doesn't work on ICS, and trying will push it into a force close.

To use once installed, don't forget to head into the "Language and Input" settings menu, and select Jelly Bean Keyboard as your default input.

[via Android Central]