July 15, 2012

A Quad-Core computer for $130. Really.

What's this? Well remember the Raspberry Pi that all the geeks were fussing about? Yes, that ARM-based PC that only costed $35 and is fully hackable. Although the Raspberry Pi only featured a single-core 700MHz ARM 11 processor, it wasn't exactly sufficient for extreme modification and hacking.

Introducing the ODROID-X, which features a quad-core Samsung Exynos chipset on a 3.5 inch motherboard. With each Cortex-A9 core clocked at 1.4GHz, the ODROID-X also has 1GB of RAM, a Mali 400 GPU, six USB ports, ethernet, audio input/output, Micro HDMO and an SDHC card reader. It is capable of running Android or Ubuntu, giving you a lot of freedom to customize. Sure, its processor may not compare to your average desktop/laptop but its pretty amazing for its size and complexity. And for only $130, this little device could become the heart of your next DIY project.

[via Gizmodo]