July 12, 2012

New Session Menu Lands in Ubuntu 12.10

Ubuntu 12.10 features a refined and compacted session indicator. It merges items from the previously separate User and System menus into one unified look.

New Session Indicator in Ubuntu 12.10

The simplification, which sees the “devices” section dropped entirely, is designed to do more than save panel space.

User testing of Ubuntu revealed that many users had issues finding various items that were spread across the two-menu approach.

Session and User Menus in Ubuntu 12.04

Aiming to correct this, the updated session indicator makes it easier to find the official Help documents (‘Ubuntu Help’), as well as the version of Ubuntu installed (‘About this Computer’).

The redesign also finally puts ’Switch User Account’ in the same location as other session options, and sees ‘Shut Down’ renamed to the user-intelligible ‘Switch Off…’.

This is just one of the many changes that Uubntu 12.10 will bring and it is subject to change.