July 22, 2012

My LUL #8

Hello everyone!

Time for my life update once again. So what have I been up to these few weeks? Well, after some hard study last semester, I was rewarded with a month long holiday! Oh joy! So, to make up my lack of gaming throughout the semester, I decided to play League of Legends. It is quite an addictive game indeed, and a recent statistic showed that LoL has become to most popular online multiplayer game in the whole world. If you are wondering about WoW, it's coming second. So, if you are a LoL gamer or fan, then you would know what I am talking about. My favourite champion right now would be Ahri. She is pretty awesome. Before I was using Katarina and was pretty pro at it. Eventually, I decided to set myself a challenge to try and master one of the more difficult champions in the game- and thus I chose Ahri. Right now I am at level 25 and slowly making it to 30! With uni starting tomorrow, I think I will have much less time to spend on LoL, let alone any game for that matter.

Moving on, I just mentioned that I was on holiday and now am back to uni tomorrow. Yes, it is a sad fact of my life. Well, I am happy I got a whole month of just relaxing with pretty much nothing to do. Whenever someone asked me what I did on my holidays I would simply reply; "relax". Yep. That is pretty much what I did.

Android 4.1 Jelly BeanIn recent news, it seems like the Nexus 7 is a huge hit around the world. I really want one but in the end, I really don't find a need for a tablet just yet. I've got my trusty Motorola Milestone 2 which I have had for over a year now- and it's running CyanogenMod 9 at the moment. I love Android because of its customizability and hackability. Anyhow, on the topic of Android, Jelly Bean has been released and it's on the Nexus 7 right now! The latest version contains many updates and improvements over Ice Cream Sandwich. So what's next after Jelly Bean? Rumour has it that it will be named 'Key Lime Pie'. Any thoughts?

So, I haven't been spam watching anime recently because of the addictiveness of LoL and busy with life in general. However, I am not on a hiatus- just taking it slowly. Right now I am finishing off Toaru Majutsu no Index, which is quite an entertaining and engaging anime to watch. I'll be posting the review tomorrow.

So what's with the blog? Well, right now my team members are somewhat gone quiet for a while now. Let's not get started on Rhycen since he's always busy doing something- whether gaming or school related. pumpkin_so77 hasn't posted her songs lately either so whether it is a personal issue or uni-related, I have no idea. As a result, the blog has been a bit lonely with the lack of multiple posts each day. I'll try to keep it updated regularly with at least one post a day.

Anyhow, that wraps up my life for this month. What am I expecting in the future? Right now, probably totally focused on studying hard for this final semester of uni. Ganbatte!