July 17, 2012

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft has unveiled plans for Microsoft Office 2013. It is the next version after Microsoft Office 2010 and will contain many changes. Here are a few FAQs about the new office suite.

What is it called?

Well, there really isn't an official name at the moment. Microsoft is calling it "The New Microsoft Office", so I guess to follow tradition it should be called Office 2013.

How many different versions are there?

Office 2013 will come in a variety of versions for home and business users, but the full set of prices and packages hasn't been unveiled yet. Meanwhile, Office 365's subscription-based cloud service comes in tiers: Home Premium (20GB of SkyDrive storage and 60 minutes of Skype world minutes a month included), Small Business Premium (shared calendars, business-class mail, HD conferencing), and ProPlus (enterprise). Buying Office 2013 will get you maintenance updates only, but staying subscribed to Office 365 will give you big updates down the pike as well.

How many devices will it support?

Your purchase of Office 2013 will be able to install on up to five PCs. You can deactivate versions to install on other devices after that. You'll need a free Windows Live Microsoft account to use cloud-based document sharing via SkyDrive.

When will it be available?

That hasn't been announced yet, but it would make sense to launch the new version of Office in time for the launch of Windows 8.

How much does it cost?

That hasn't been announced.

Check out the source link below for full FAQs, previews, and thoughts.

UPDATE: You can now download the Customer Preview version here

[via CNET]