July 4, 2012

Google's spring clean

It seems like Google is doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of old and outdated products that people probably no longer use. Here are the five services that Google will shut down in a near future.

Google Mini
Mainly used for Enterprise Search for businesses and was first introduced in 2005. It was superseded by Google Search Appliance, Google Site Search and Google Commerce Search and thus was no longer applicable. It will be gone on July 31.

Google Talk Chatback
This service allowed websites to embed a Google Talk widget on their website so that they could engage with their visitors. It is outdated and has been replaced by the Meebo bar.

Google Video
Not many people know about Google Video before and even after Google acquired YouTube. The service stopped taking downloads in May 2009. Users of Google Video will have until August 20 to migrate, delete or download their content. The remaining videos will all be migrated to YouTube.

iGoogle was launched in 2005 as a personalised homepage that displayed news, weather, and much more. Since then, today's web and mobile apps are all personalised with real-time information easily accessible. With modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android, the need for iGoogle has slowly diminished over time.

Symbian Search App
The service will be retired to focus efforts on mobile web search experience. Thus, users of the Symbian platform will have to use their browser to navigate to the Google website.

[via Google Blog