July 1, 2012

Google Chrome 20 released

ChromeGoogle Chrome has been updated to version 20 a few days ago and it brings some security fixes and minor adjustments to the browser. There are no major visible changes however there are plenty of security fixes. One such instance is the SVG and PDF-related code updates and preventing sandboxed processes from interfering with one another.

Security fixes aside, the update has enabled the Chrome to mobile page action for users with compatible registered devices. This allows users to easily 'send' the page to their mobile device with just one click. The update also features Panorama View. Tabs now have a minimum width and begin to stack at the sides. Experimental touch friendly UI adjustments was updated in Chrome. It allows users with touch screen devices to easily navigate within the Chrome browser. Lastly, the update now includes experimental PeerConnection APIs for WebRTC functionality.

Google Chrome should automatically update when you use the browser. If not, you can always check for updates manually by clicking on the Wrench icon then 'About Google Chrome'.