June 2, 2012

SNSD reveals two different promotional pictures for “Paparazzi”

Korean idol group Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) has unveiled two different promotional pictures for their upcoming fourth Japanese single “Paparazzi“, which will be released on June 27th.
As tokyohive previously reported, the single will be the group’s first Japanese single in approximately a year and two months. To promote their new single, Shoujo Jidai has unveiled two different pictures, which represent the limited and regular editions of “Paparazzi”.
The limited edition promo picture shows the idol group standing in the street seen in the music video for the song as the girls avoid the paparazzi on their way to the stage. The set for the music video is said to have taken a full week to construct, and required 120 staff members to shoot plus an additional 300 people to serve as extras. The other picture, their artist photo for the regular edition version of the single, shows a stylishly-dressed Shoujo Jidai posing for the camera.
“Paparazzi” is said to be a strong dance tune packed with the girls’ distinctive flavor. To connect with the title of the song, the girls have added a special ‘camera shutter’ move into the choreography and will be chased by the media all over the world to represent the theme in multiple ways.

Source: Tokyohive