June 4, 2012

Renaming Removable Drives in Linux

There are probably many ways in renaming removable drives in Linux, but for this post I will talk about using Disk Utility that comes with most Linux distributions to rename drives. I will refer removable drives universally as "USB drive" in this post.

To rename your USB drive:
  1. Firstly plug in your USB drive and open up Disk Utility
  2. You will see your drive listed on the left panel, click on your drive you want to rename
  3. Now look to the right panel, click the "Unmount Volume" button to unmount your USB drive
  4. Click "Edit Filesystem Label" and change the name of the USB drive
  5. Click "Apply" and then "Mount Volume" to make your USB drive usable
There you have it. Five simple steps in renaming your USB drive. In Windows, you can just right click the USB drive and hit rename but it's a bit more work here.Although this method is quite menial there really isn't any existing faster way in renaming USB drives without creating your own scripts.