June 17, 2012

PSotD - Shiny Tale + Daily Lives of High School Boys Mini Review

Title: Shiny Tale
Artist: Mix Speaker's Inc.
Year: 2012
Notes: The opening song for the anime Daily Lives of High School Boys
I recently finished watching this anime and I found this anime hilarious. There are two things which I agree with this anime, 1) if you want to shut a girl up you need to give them chocolate, lots of chocolate, and 2) at some point in a girl's life, we would've pulled our skirts up to our chests and worn the skirt in an idiotic way.
Because of this anime I have found a new VK band to fall in love with, Mix Speaker's Inc.. Their music style reminds me of ViViD.

Mini Review:

Daily Lives of High School Boys: A laid back slice of life anime. For someone who loves action and horror this is definitely out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this anime very much. It's a big contrast to the usual full of suspense shounen adventure animes. Each story consists of short (approx. 5 minute) scenes. I found most of them quite funny and there were many times when I was literally rolling on my bed laughing (I was watching this on my bed). I had my dose of bishies and shouta, so I'm not complaining. There were also several of my favourite seiyuus participating in this anime, so no disagreements here. I loved the opening song, and I liked the background music for 'the literary girl'.
I would recommend this anime for those seeking comedy relief. It serves as a good breather between watching action packed animes.

One of my favourite scenes - from episode 7.
DDL: From AnimeMp3.