June 14, 2012

PSotD - Blood Teller + Mirai Nikki Mini Review

Title: Blood Teller
Artist: Faylan
Year: 2011
Notes: First ending song for the anime Mirai Nikki.

I finished watching the anime last night, so here is my little spiel about it.

I really liked the anime ending, it wasn't one of those sappy happy endings and the whole story made sense. Then again, Yuno from the 1st world (and kami of the 1st world) died in the 3rd world, so does that mean the 1st world crumbles and disappears? If so, then couldn't Yuuki from the 2nd world use his kami powers and commit suicide, that way he no longer needs to suffer?

Anyway, I had a quick glance at the manga ending, and wasn't too impressed by it. I tried the first episode of the MN Live action drama. This story is based on different characters and an alternative storyline to the original manga and anime. The characters were not what I imagined to be. I was hoping that the main female lead would look more lunatic, but she just looked like some really annoying and dumb chick, and the main male lead wasn't handsome enough. Frankly, I was bored to tears by the live action and was pretty disappointed in it.

Mmm...Akise Aru.
DDL: Gendou.