June 12, 2012

My LUL #7

Here is my update of what's happening in life around us for this month. Well since the last update log, many interesting events has happened all around us. Firstly, time to look into my personal life (in limited detail). Of course when talking about personal life you've got to start by summarizing your current situation right now; so I'll do that.

Well, uni has finished. Almost. Right now we (uni students) are on study leave for about a week until our end of semester exams. Right now, I should be studying, but after a few hours my head has started to spin. It is pretty hard to take in thirteen weeks of information in one day and don't recommend you do it. So, I decided to split the task and briefly scan through my notes today and revise more tomorrow. A good plan? Yes it is. I hope I can stick to it though. Right now I'm pretty much passing all my units. These two upcoming exams are a chance for me to boost my scores to get a 5 or 6 overall. 7 seems to be a bit impossible this semester; perhaps I should work even harder next semester. No more procrastinating!

Moving on, the My Bubbletea Time team has just returned from a relaxing long weekend camping trip! It was quite enjoyable indeed with many of my friends joining in the fun. I think I had more exercise in those few days than what I can do in a month sitting a home in front of the computer all day. Probably that's why my arms and legs are sore. Well, it seems like pumpkin_so77 will be posting some pictures from the camping trip soon. If you are a regular visitor to the blog, you may have noticed that even though we were away, the blog posts kept on rolling. This was all planned out by the team to keep the promise of the blog to have at least one post per day continuously. Thank goodness for Blogger's scheduling feature that allows us to schedule our posts to automatically publish whilst we are away. It is really a useful feature for when we are away from our computers and cannot easily publish something to the blog.

Speaking of the blog, there has been some subtle changes I have made that you may or may not have noticed. For one, the team now uses formatted headings instead of just simply using 'bold' on the titles. This gives a more universally structured feel of the blog and makes it look nicer. Also, I have gone through previous anime reviews and fixed up some formatting issues that was left untouched. Eventually I will go through most blog posts and convert the titles to proper headings; but for now I can't be bothered. Anyhow, it seems that I will be reinstalling my home server soon since I've pretty much experimented on it too much and left too much of a mess to simple recover from. Also, the server's CPU and memory usage seems to be at its limit. For the reinstallation, I will be hosting a dedicated Minecraft server and the Vocaloid music server.

During the camping trip, I met with some fellow Minecraft players and discussed plans for a new Minecraft world to host our creations. It seems we may be aiming to create an impressive castle in the sky. How original. That being said, I haven't played Minecraft in a long time due to huge amount of uni assignments before and now the upcoming final semester exams. Eventually the Minecraft server will be populated once again during our holidays. Perhaps we will wait for the 1.2.6 update before starting out massive long-term project.

One thing I will never stop doing (until I run out) is watching anime. Right now I am watching Aria the Origination. It is the last sequel to the anime series which I have watched before going to camp. At first I was skeptical of the anime because it was purely a slice of life anime. After a few episodes I was clearly hooked into the story and the music. Such wonderful memories to keep! Anyhow, I will do a full review of Aria the Animation is a couple of days. So what anime am I anticipating this year? Probably at this moment would be Accel World and Robotics;Notes. They both deal with sci-fi technology and awesome gadgets.

On the same topic as gadgets, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy SIII has been a huge hit around the world with it taking top spot in the UK in front of the iPhone 4S. I would exclaim that this is a huge achievement both for Samsung and for the Android operating system overall. Android 4.0 has been rolling out progressively for some time now and most new model smartphones would have received the update already. If you haven't got an update, it may be coming soon! For me, my Motorola Milestone 2 is quite old now and I can confirm that there will not be a Android 4.0 update for it. That's a pity.

I have decided to switch from using Ubuntu One to Google Drive as my main cloud storage provider. The reasons are simple. Google Drive offers a cheaper price of additional storage, has fast sync speeds, compatible with most platforms, integrated with Google Docs, and is simply easy and stable to use. I have no problems with Ubuntu One except the occasional slow sync speeds, but other than that I am quite happy to use Google Drive with additional storage so I can store my music and photos to the cloud drive and have everything in one place. It's simple and handy to use. I am still waiting for the Google Drive Linux client to be released though but there is an alternative called Grive that is still in development.

So this pretty much ends my rant of everything that has happened to my life up until now. I should really return to my studies and to stop procrastinating that much for these final exams. I can't wait for the holidays!

Being bored as ever,