June 11, 2012

Looking into 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted'

Outdrive your friends, outrace your rivals and take down a city full of cops to become Most Wanted.

This is the most anticipated Need for Speed game in a long time. Criterion Games is back giving us a whole new level of experience with Need for Speed: Most Wanted. So what should you expect from this new release?

Open World Action

The games gives you unlimited freedom to choose where you want to drive and how you want to drive. You can hit jumps and shortcuts, switch cars, hide out or play to your car's unique strengths by driving off-road, hitting straights or driving into back alleys. You can drive anywhere, explore the world, hang out with friends, or toy with the cops. It is all up to you.

Nonstop Multiplayer

The new Need for Speed game boasts no menus, lobbies or restrictions. It is all about intense competition team games, massive variety, persistent scoring, deep ranking and endless rewards and Modifications. Just simple pick a car, meet up with your friends and enjoy nonstop events. Its online driving like you've never seen it.

Beat Your Friends

The main aim of multiplayer in Most Wanted is to beat your friends. Anytime. Anywhere. The game introduces AutoLog 2.0 that records everything you do in the game, broadcasting your most newsworthy scores, speeds and times to your friends. It was features Speed Points (SP) and rank up for everything you do in the game. Outdrive your friends to become Most Wanted.

Racing Without Rules

So there's a start and finish; the rest is up to you. Criterion Games is known for their crazy driving style games such as Hot Pursuit and Burnout. It is all about insane speed, awesome crashes, amazing action and huge drifts. Most Wanted has been modified to suit an open, city location and to deliver a deeper, more physical feel that showcases the personalities of some truly incredible cars.