June 28, 2012

Google+ for Android new update

With Google I/O coming up, many new changes to many of Google's products will be expected. One such change already in place is the new update to Google+ on the Android platform. Since the introduction of Google+ on Android, there has been many changes since then. For this new update, the app now officially supports tablets. This would be really useful for many tablet owners as they probably have been using the smartphone version of the app.

In addition, the new update brings in 'Events with Party Mode'. I am guessing you can now create and join events as well as inviting your friends from multiple circles. This feature is already available on Facebook, but it is nice to see more 'social' features being implemented into Google+.

One major change that everyone would notice is the complete design overhaul. The user interface has been dramatically updated and changed from a dark colour scheme to a bright one. You will instantly notice that to filter circles there is now a button at the top. Also, there is now a handy manual refresh button located on the top-right of the app. The notification system has also been integrated to the menu and the icons now have colour.

Lastly, the app has also improved circle management. It now displays 'Suggested people' so you can easily add others with  single press of the button. You can also create circles and move people around much more efficiently.

All these major/minor changes are included with this new update. Get it now on the Play Store!