June 24, 2012

Facebook Adds Comment Editing

Facebook LogoGoogle+ had it at the very beginning and it's something we have taken granted for. After using Facebook occasionally just to check what's going on in life, I have always wanted comment editing on posts. Sometimes you just post comments that later you realise contains full of grammatical or spelling errors, or embarrassing gaffe.

Facebook finally comes to realise the pain that results from these errors and now allows you to edit your comments on the social network.

So, if you used the wrong form of "their" or spelled your friend's name wrong on a comment that sparked an otherwise interesting discussion among friends, just edit the mistake and keep the conversation going. For those who might change the entire meaning of their comment, thereby making subsequent comments look nonsensical, users will be able to click to see the unedited version.

The feature is currently being rolled out to all Facebook accounts.