June 2, 2012

DECO*27 announces 3rd full album, ‘Love Calendar’

DECO*27 has announced that he will be releasing his third full album ‘Love Calendar‘ on July 25.
The album is reported to tell the story of two high school students who have fallen in love for the first time. ‘Love Calendar’ will detail the ups and downs of their relationship with vibrancy and life within the “maelstrom of love” through its 12 tracks.
The songwriter charmed fans with the expressiveness in his songs. marina (ex-Girls Dead Monster) features in the album as well. The guitar portions are, naturally, played by DECO*27 himself, while drums will be provided by Fukuda Yoko (BOOM BOOM SATELLITES) and bass by Nikamoto Ryosuke (Yuukei Rampage).
It has also been revealed that voice actress Yuuki Aoi, who gained popularity as the voice behind the main character of the hit anime ‘Puella Magi Madoka Magica‘, will be participating in the album as a guest vocalist. Yuuki has previously worked with DECO*27 on the songs “Tokei Kanransha” and “Sugar Loop“, both of which were composed, written, and arranged by DECO*27 and were included in her mini-album ‘Petit Pas‘ earlier this year. Yuuki will provide fresh vocals for DECO*27’s song “Kisou Honnou“.

Source: Tokyohive