June 21, 2012

Custom Themes on Gmail (Finally)

I totally love Gmail. I use it everyday. It is always open in my Google Chrome browser. Whether I am on my desktop, on my laptop, or on my phone; Gmail is always there. It's like a love story. Anyhow, Gmail packs many great features and is totally customizable to how you like your email to be sorted. Recent years have shown us great advantages and new innovations that we today take for granted in Gmail. However despite many ongoing changes to features and with the recent UI change, Gmails' themes have been quite lacking in the aesthetic department. Only given a handful of themes, users have to make use of what little they had to please their email browsing experience.

With the announcement a couple of days ago, Google has finally provided us with the option of making our Gmail "our own" as to speak. You can now use photos from Google+ and Picasa as your background image inside Gmail. I have been wanted this day to happen and it finally has!

First thing I will do is probably use a Hatsune Miku picture as my background! Well, if you are a Gmail user like me, why are you even still reading this? You should be changing your background right at this moment! If you are not a Gmail user then you are truly missing out (not just themes but many other cool features that Gmail has to offer).